2019 Natural History Museum of London’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Sleeping like a Weddell- Ralf Schneider

The results are in! The Natural History Museum of London’s 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year  contest winners were selected this month from a pool of almost 50,000 entries submitted by the world’s best photographers.

Beach Waste- Matthew Ware
The winning images were selected based on creativity, originality and technical excellence. Judges carefully review the story behind each image and the causes they champion, awarding “bonus points” for images that bring current environmental issues challenges into the dialogue. The featured images were all captured “during a time of environmental crisis” and tell a unique story.

Lucky Break- Jason Bantle
The Natural History Museum in London will display these incredible images in a special exhibition starting next month, October 18th.

Touching Trust- Thomas P Peschak

Written By Heather Merrifield