Accelerating Sustainability Transformation
by Sharing News, Knowledge, and Events.

Established in 2006 to address the growing impact of Climate Change – We provide news and knowledge about “Green” technology, best practices, and events to inspire action that creates transformation!

“Working for you online and on your frontlines”

End User Sector News: Green World offers coverage for “greening” various industry sectors such as manufacturing, municipalities, schools, hotels, buildings, etc. This highly pertinent news can be delivered via custom news feeds hourly, daily, or weekly.

Thought Leaders

Green World brings together Thought Leaders from around the world with expertise in various technologies and industries. Many of these Leaders are C-Level decision makers that are given the opportunity to exchange their best practices online and via other platforms such as conference calls and events.

The Green World Thought Leaders can provide direct support to Green World Members on a consultative basis to address specific needs for Members and their organizational and project needs.

Super Solutions and Projects

Green World has diligently sought out the most impactive innovations that can deliver breakthrough results. Called “Super Solutions”, Green World positions itself as evangelist and representative of these amazing technologies to ensure they reach their marketplace potential.

Green World offers these Super Solutions directly to its members for implementation onsite, thereby generating added value to member’s bottom-line and at the same time, assisting these Super Solutions during their early stage of market adaption.

The GreenWorld Network

Out of the news and information advocacy, the Green World Network is being established as a consortium of solution providers, consulting Thought Leaders, and other resource suppliers that can address specific needs of Green World members such as renewable energy projects, collective buying of sustainable products and services, and enhancing the overall green team efficacy.

Green World Network is actively seeking potential partners to join and reach a greater audience for their offerings. The Network supports both the seller and buyers of green/sustainable product and services.