Photo: AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics, based outside of Boulder, CO, uses an intelligent robotics system to create positive change in the recycling industry. The AI robots perform physical tasks that have been largely performed by humans like sorting, picking, and moving materials. The AMP Cortex applies technology that simulates the brain, eyes, and hands to separate recycling from waste. The technology is constantly learning from experience to get better. According to AMP, their system has the ability to pick twice as fast as human sorters and with greater accuracy.

The funding from Sequoia Capital will allow the company to scale up and develop more products aimed at improving the economics of recycling. This technology has the ability to help recycling in America become more competitive than shipping recyclables abroad. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be the best technology to save the recycling industry. AMP’s technology is also used in sorting construction and demolition waste as well as electronic waste.

Written by Justin Stanphill