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April 29 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • More than a thousand low-lying tropical islands are at risk of becoming “uninhabitable” before the middle of the century because of rising sea levels, according to startling new research. As seas rise, increasingly large waves that crash farther onto the shore will contaminate water supplies. This endangers key US military assets. [The Guam Daily Post]
Roi-Namur Atoll (Peter Swarzenski, US Geological Survey)

Roi-Namur Atoll (Peter Swarzenski, US Geological Survey)

  • All villages in India have been electrified, data on a government website shows. Three years ago, 18,452 villages had no access to power. Apart from those classified as grazing reserves, all that are inhabited now have power. A village is said to be electrified if at least 10% of its households, as well as public places, have access to power. [Scroll.in]
  • Minneapolis officials announced new targets moving the city to 100% renewable electricity. The goal is for municipal facilities and operations to reach that level by 2022, with the rest of the city fully complying by 2030. The effort will be reflected by a shift to electricity sources such as wind and solar, instead of fossil fuels. [Twin Cities Business Magazine]
  • As the ice sheets of the world melt, an enormous amount of pressure will be lifted off of the continental crusts that play host to them, as well as the surrounding oceanic basins. Something similar is broadly true, but to a much lesser degree, of the world’s remaining large glaciers. With changes in pressure, there will be seismic activity. [CleanTechnica]
  • Five environmental organizations have sued to challenge the Interior Department’s leases on more than 45,000 acres of land for natural gas production by fracking in Mesa County, Colorado. The Bureau of Land Management had rejected the organizations’ protests. They contend that no adequate environmental analysis has been done. [Craig Daily Press]

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April 29 Green Energy News

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