The sinking islands of the Southern US

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The sinking islands of the Southern US

The pejorative perception of the Gullah Geechee being uneducated or backcountry has shifted to one in which the identity is celebrated, both by academics and those who grew up in the culture. Yet the Gullah Geechee ways are slipping away, as their islands are lost to climate change. [BBC]

  • “The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground” • Some of fracking’s biggest skeptics are on Wall Street. They argue that the industry’s financial foundation is unstable: It has not proven that it can make money. “The industry has a very bad history of money going into it and never coming out,” says one hedge fund manager. [New York Times]
  • “EU Removes Trade Barriers On Chinese Solar Imports” • Following reports last week that the EU was considering scrapping import controls on solar panels and cells from China, the European Commission has announced that it will remove trade duties on solar panels and cells imported from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Farmers to flock to solar and battery storage, as power costs bite” • A report from Commonwealth Bank of Australia suggests the shift to solar and battery storage in the nation’s expansive agribusiness sector has only just begun. It says a staggering 76% of all farmers, nationwide, are planning to tap solar and battery storage. [One Step Off The Grid]
  • “Refurbishing Baseload Power Stations To Backup Renewables” • Stories have popped up in the news recently about turning traditional hydroelectric stations, which generate power by using water captured from a flowing river, into pumped storage facilities, which cycle the water, using more energy to do so than they produce. [CleanTechnica]

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