Architecture groups Wowowa and Clarke Hopkins Clarke, based in Melbourne, Australia, recently joined a society of international businesses committing to a net zero emissions standard by 2030, a goal created by B Lab, a United States-based non-profit that issues private B Corp Certifications, an environmental and social certification for-profit entities.

Open to businesses in various industries and of various nationalities, the B Corp Certification is a way for the international for-profit business community to participate in environmental stewardship that supplements other entities’ stewardship goals and requirements.

The 2030 emissions goal is set for 20 years before the 2050 emissions goal set by the 2016 Paris Agreement created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC).

More than 500 B Corp Certified businesses recently announced their participation in the 2030 net zero emissions pledge, coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference that was held in Madrid, Spain during the first weeks of December.

Clarke Hopkins Clarke became B Corp Certified in 2016, and Wowowa Director Monique Woodward was reported in ArchitectureAU as indicating that the certification could offer clear outlines for positive change: “’…I think that if we were all B Corp-certified the social and environmental impact would be extraordinary. I guess we’d lose our edge but I’d be totally happy with that.’”

Written by Nicole Foulke