Climate change now affects the athletics industry, say sports giant Nike, Inc., and since pledging their ‘Move to Zero’ 2025 100% renewable energy use goal and an eventual net-zero carbon emissions goal last September, Nike has featured projects like their 2020 Summer Olympics uniforms manufactured from recycled polyester and ground shoes as well as their new ‘Space Hippie’ sneakers, their lowest carbon footprint line ever.

The Oregon-based company has cited the effects of warming temperatures on the athletes who they sponsor, and the Nike products the athletes use, noting that sports technology must adapt to the changing climate. They also plan to release a capsule eco-friendly ‘Move to Zero’ clothing line for their large consumer base.

“‘At Nike, we believe that climate change is the defining environmental issue of our generation because the reality is if there’s no plan, there’s no sport,’” said Nike chief sustainability officer Noel Kinder according to Business Insider. Added Kinder: “‘And as you might imagine sports are fairly important to us.’”

Nike is inspired by circular economy design principles, with the goal to design more sustainably-produced products that have a longer lifespan and a clear pathway for recycling, upcycling, or downcycling after disassembly.

In addition to their eco-friendly and performance-focused 2020 Summer Olympics uniforms, Nike will soon release their limited edition ‘Space Hippie’ sneaker line made of factory floor scraps and their ‘Move to Zero’ clothing collection.

Inspired by NASA’s practice of using ‘found objects’ from space during their missions to replace materials they had brought from Earth, Nike created ‘Space Hippie’ sneakers to be products of their new circular design process, rethinking sustainable design principles and the entirely of a product’s usefulness.

This summer Nike also plans to launch their ‘Move to Zero’ sustainable consumer apparel line, applying circular design principles to make more eco-friendly apparel inspired by some of their classic pieces.

Written by Nicole Foulke