Case Study: Cisco is the most sustainable company in the United States

Cisco was recently named the most sustainable company in the United States on Forbes list of sustainable companies. The company has been able to achieve this by enacting a number of sustainable programs in its facilities. The Tech giant has also shown aggressive goals and taken action to achieve them.

The company currently gets 100% of its electricity for North American facilities from renewable sources. A recycling program saved 191 metric tons of waste from entering landfills. 19GWh of energy was avoided through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Cisco has also embraced the circular economy by redesigning products that can be easily returned and recycled when their life has been completed.

Connected Workplace is another initiative the company created. In their traditional office environment, space was vacant about 65 percent of the time. Switching to a system that eliminates dedicated workspaces for a shared space model lead to a more collaborative work environment while saving resources and money.

Cisco doesn’t just shine in one aspect of sustainability. The company has approached every piece of the business through the lens of reducing impact. Sustainability isn’t just about saving the environment, it is also a profitability issue. Cisco has realized they can save a fortune by doing the right thing.