Case Study: Sustainability in Hotels Improves Bottom Line

A study by Dr Sonya Graci (Director of Accommodating Green) and Jaqueline Kuehnel (Managing Director of JK Consulting Enterprises) looks into how sustainability can help the bottom line of hotels. Around 75% of hotel environmental impact is directly linked to over-consumption of resources by customers and staff. Energy, water, and waste provide the largest sources of un-friendly practices in the industry. There are many different actions hotels can take to reduce excess use by implementing plans in restaurants, landscaping, and guest education.

The study offers creative suggestions and examples that many hotels could implement with minimal investment and effort. When hotels track utility bills and conduct ongoing energy audits, decisions become more informed and investments begin to make more financial sense. Investing in energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and heating/cooling are worth the investment, providing large returns and can greatly reduce impact. There are many ways to reduce energy, water, and waste in hotels in simple and meaningful ways.


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