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This Lab Is Transforming Leftover Almond Shells Into Power, Plastic, And Beer

Have you noticed a rise in almond-based products in recent years? That’s because word has spread on their healthy benefits and they satisfy demand with gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives. However, the rapid rise in production has created massive hull waste, and that’s led to experimenting it with products such as …

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Program helps Colorado’s brewers go green

Eco-friendly culture brewing among craft beer producers As the state’s beer brewing boom continues, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is helping brewers reduce their environmental footprint and increase their bottom line. The Sustainable Breweries Assistance Initiative provides on-site assessments that document current metrics for energy, water, air and …

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Beer Powered Beer at Alaskan Brewing

Alaskan Brewing creates “Beer Powered Beer” meaning they use their spent grain as a fuel source. They’ve even developed a steam boiler that runs 100 percent on it. Their electricity is generated from alpine lake taps that don’t interfere with salmon streams. You also might remember they utilize a carbon …

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