Cryogenic Energy Storage Can Store Energy Without Fossil Fuels or Batteries

The British company Highview Power Inc. has developed a process to store energy for the grid without the need for fossil fuels. The system involves cooling air, storing it efficiently, and using the re-gasification process to drive a turbine and create electricity without combustion. The Cryogenic energy storage process cools air to its liquid state (-320 degrees Fahrenheit). Then, when power is needed, Re-gasification occurs, causing a 700-fold expansion in volume which allows provides the pressure necessary to drive turbines.

Highview is currently able to store enough power for 200,000 homes for a full day. The most ideal location for installing the liquid air energy storage system is at abandoned coal-fired power plants where there is the ability to easily connect to the grid. The company is currently developing the first long duration liquid air energy storage system in the US in Northern Vermont. The electricity storage industry is growing, and future looks promising for Highview Power.