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December 20 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Utility regulators call for changes to PURPA” • We have seen the Clean Power Plan abandoned, a proposed coal and nuclear bailout, the tax overhaul and trade action under Section 201. Now we have to worry about reform of the Public Utilities Regulatory Power Act of 1978, a big driver of utility-scale solar in the US. [pv magazine USA]
Solar system n ear Chattanooga (Phoenix Solar AG, Wikimedia Commons)

Solar system n
ear Chattanooga (Phoenix Solar AG, Wikimedia Commons)

  • This year will almost certainly rank as one of the planet’s top five warmest years on record, according to new data from the NOAA and NASA. In fact, the top NASA climate scientist reported that 2017 is likely to be the second-warmest year on record, behind 2016, which in turn displaced 2015 from the top spot. [Mashable]
  • China announced it is officially beginning its nationwide carbon trading scheme, to meet its obligations specified by the Paris Agreement. Under the new system, firms involved in the scheme need either to cut their emissions using green technology or to offset their carbon emissions by buying spare quotas from other companies. [GBTIMES]
  • The EPA issued a formal proposal on December 18 asking stakeholders how they would change the Clean Power Plan, which currently would require industry to reduce CO2 emissions by 32% by 2030. This is the Trump administration’s first official act to find an alternative to the rule. It is now being held up in the federal court system. [Environmental Leader]
  • UPS announced that it has placed a pre-order for 125 Tesla Semi electric trucks, beating PepsiCo’s record for a pre-order of 100 units. The Tesla trucks are expected to sell for $200,000 each, $75,000 more than UPS pays for a typical diesel-powered tractor, but the electric trucks will save them money because of low maintenance costs. [CleanTechnica]

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December 20 Green Energy News

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