Drinor Introduces Revolutionary Biomass Dewatering Innovation

////Drinor Introduces Revolutionary Biomass Dewatering Innovation

Drinor Introduces Revolutionary Biomass Dewatering Innovation

Drinor Introduces Revolutionary Biomass Dewatering Innovation


The Swedish start-up company Drinor has a new innovation ready for market that could substantially improve the processes of biomass production and processing. The Continuous Dewatering Press (CDP) is a revolutionary new system that mechanically removes water from biomass without the use of thermal energy, saving both money and energy.


The CDP uses a set of rollers to literally squeeze the water out of biomass, significantly reducing moisture content to increase efficiency of the material. This can be used to replace conventional dryers or can be added as an additional step. Biomass types that may be processed using this technique include pellets, sawdust, and woodchips.


Biomass manufacturers and power plants utilizing this innovation stand to gain a wide array of benefits while helping the environment by making their processes more sustainable. Using a mechanical technique to remove water from biomass diverts from the need for energy-intensive thermal drying, which both saves money and conserves energy. To illustrate this point, 95% less energy is used by the CDP process than traditional thermal drying systems for each ton of water removed in the pellet production process.


Adding the CDP as an addition to existing systems to create dryer biomass also has many benefits. These include increased value of the biomass, lighter and more compressible biomass for ease of transportation, and more efficient burning. The CDP can even be used as a pre-treatment in ethanol or biogas production for increased process yield and other benefits.


Drinor was founded with a mission to advance biomass as a solution to the world’s energy problems. “Biomass has an unlimited potential to become a solution to replace fossil fuels as an energy source”, they declare on their website, “Our mission is to be the provider of the solution that make(s) that possible.” The CDP contributes in a big way to this goal by making biomass a more sustainable, viable, and cost competitive alternative fuel option.


Drinor’s innovation has been patented and tested, with its first machine installed and operating at a pellet mill in Sweden. Now, the CDP is ready for the global market, with a Zero-series produced for customers who have signed on to a waiting list. From here, the company aims to develop a portfolio of scalable machines and expand production of the CDP around globe.


GreenWorld Alliance plans to work with Drinor as they introduce and expand the use of this exciting and important innovation around the world.


For more information on Drinor and the CDP please visit: www.drinor.com

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