The EarthX Expo hosted from April the 25th-28th in Dallas, Texas this year of 2019, has been organized as “The World’s Leading Connector And Forum For Sustainability” with the mission of convening, collaborating and forming alliances between purpose driven advocates, green vision investors, thought leaders, researches and other citizens of humanity with a vested interest in caring for our planet.

The conference “greenprint” is designed to educate and inspire activities and concepts that carry environmental efforts forward and throughout all sectors of development, preservation and innovation.

The conference lineup is divided into various topic sectors such as EarthX: University, Energy, Transportation, OceanCities & Military and also features two distinct summits; E-Capital and EarthxFuture500Summit. The event engages as many relevant and diverse sectors as possible in a cohesive, comprehensive and strategic manner that approaches important societal and environmental growth bubbles holistically, connecting dots that have, until recently, been mutually, (pun intended,) Xclusive.

The forum will also be available via live stream,  if the Dallas-Texas area is not your stomping grounds.

The green speaker series covers everything from the state of the ocean, to wildlife conservation, to community, action, breakthrough innovations, environmentally beneficial home practices, and many other methods one can implement on the road to building a sustainable future. The event is 3 pronged: The Exposition kicking off April the 26th-28th, the Conference portion the 25th-28th and lastly, the Film Festival from the 19th-28th hosted at Fair Park.

A more detailed daily agenda can be found here where slots such as Ilana Lipsett’s Free Space lecture and Sandra Kwak’s Fourth World Nation Building segment will be rolled out in detail.

Ilana is a community builder and convener who has formulated community design, creative place-making and space activation into her freespace turning vacant spaces into temporary community and cultural hubs through participatory design and O to ecology and community while Kwak brings another flavor to the series, as the brains and CEO behind 10Power A company that provides project development and financing for renewable energy storage and generation, more specifically in communities that lack proper access to electricity, 10Power’s efforts promote clean water, gender equality, and ecosystem restoration in environmentally and developmentally challenged areas.

All in all, EarthX has woven together an eclectic, well planned and representative conference fabric that is engaging, meaningful and well worth Xploration…

This year’s featured theme is WATER FOR ALL: Finding ways to sustain clean, clear, abundant water for all, and to protect our world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

Jump in head first and learn how to make waves for change below.