Energy Storage International is September 23rd-26th: Advancements Unveiled

Energy Storage International is happening September 23rd-26th in Salt Lake City, UT. Part of North America Smart Energy Week, this event aims to work toward more integration between energy storage, solar, and distributed energy resource markets. This will be the largest solar event in North America with 250 exhibitors and over 12,500 attendees. In addition, there are over 500 speakers scheduled.

Energy storage is a critical aspect of the solar industry. Currently, it remains largest hurdle the industry faces. Storage concerns have been an issue for years, as battery capacity hasn’t caught up to Solar’s growing efficiency. Arguably, solar has the ability to make the largest dent in climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gases. According to the EPA, 28% of greenhouse gases come from electricity production while 29% comes from transportation.

Even with cars continuing to go electric, electricity production must come from renewable energy to have the largest impact. Implementing widespread solar can greatly reduce emissions from electricity production and also from the transportation sector as consumers continue to purchase electric vehicles charged by Renewables instead of fossil fuels. The transportation industry has a lot to gain from the widespread use of solar.

Major companies like Panasonic, General Electric, Shell, and Dupont are sponsors for the event. The schedule for the week includes education sessions, expo education, workshops, and networking events and meetings. As an attendee, there will be valuable learning opportunities from many angles of the energy storage industry and opportunities for involvement.

The stakes are high for this industry to thrive. The better this industry can make money and implement broad solar, the better off we all will be. The best way this industry can thrive is for the storage of electricity to be perfected by a growing body of knowledge and collaboration between the many different aspects of this diverse field.

Written by Justin Stanphill