ESS inc Raises $30 Million to Expand Battery Storage Manufacturing

A battery technology company has developed a way to store energy in a new way that is portable and absent of highly used lithium-ion or any harmful chemicals for that matter. The technology by ESS inc is an iron-based flow battery that provides over 20,000 cycles of power and is 100% recyclable. This technology is a long-term storage solution that is housed in shipping containers easily transported around the world. The company has the ability to operate in a wide variety of applications including Utilities, Commercial and Industrial, as well as off grid and microgrid.


ESS inc recently raised $30 million from an investor group. The Oregon based company secured the Series C investment round with investments led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Softbank Group’s SB Energy. The funding group included Evergy Ventures and PTT Global Chemical, a company operating in Southeast Asia. The funding will be used to expand and automate the manufacturing process of the company’s iron flow battery technology.