Footprint is On a Mission to End Plastic Waste in grocery stores and restaurants

The company Footprint is on a mission to end single-use plastics. Packaging in grocery stores and restaurants accounts for a large percentage of plastics that end up polluting our environment and oceans. Footprint produces packaging for a wide variety of items in grocery stores and cafes that are plastic free and competitive on price. Currently, Footprint is making ready to eat containers, meat trays, shelf stables, frozen containers, containers for cafes including to go coffee cups, and produce containers all completely plastic free. Unsecured Personal Loans in UK for Bad Credit | Fast Approval

One of the largest obstacles for the packaging industry to overcome is the ability to match the prices that plastic manufacturers are able to offer. Footprint is closing this gap in the market, which may allow customers to switch to the more eco-friendly option. The company is currently working with large companies like Mcdonalds, Pepsi Co, Conagra, and Beyond Meat. One estimate shows 8 million tons of plastic pollution ends up in the ocean each year. It is clear to the majority of people that the problem of plastic waste needs to be solved and companies like Footprint are showing that this is possible each day.

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