Green Schools Alliance is Helping Schools Become more Sustainable with Tech

Green Schools Alliance has partnered the Noveda Technologies allowing individual schools to monitor their own energy and take steps to reduce their consumption. The technology gives users a 360 degree view of consumption on campus and challenges to reduce their overall impact. The alliance boasts over 9,000 schools, districts, and organizations in 48 states and 84 countries.

Nearly $14 billion annually is spent on energy in educational institutions with around 30% being wasted. The amount of money that could be saved for schools each year can help to purchase books, salaries for teachers, and better technology for classrooms. In addition, students can have a detailed view of how their school uses energy and help to come up with ideas on how to reduce it.

Noveda Technologies uses software solutions to help reduce energy and water usage and optimize the performance of renewable energy systems. The company has users in over 33 countries. The company helps to create smarter buildings, grids, communities, and users by allowing them to see nearly every aspect of their energy use.