Greta Thunberg Urges Political Action at The World Economic Forum in Davos

Greta Thunberg continues to hit world leaders along with major business establishments hard about business practices directly causing climate change and political inaction. At the world economic forum, Thunberg spoke to world economic leaders. Thunberg spoke about inaction and empty words by world leaders and about the urgency of climate change. Thunberg has been a leading voice for young people who are frustrated about the burden that climate change will put on them as a direct result of the actions of older generations who created this global problem while continuing to do little to solve.

“You say children shouldn’t worry. You say: “Just leave this to us. We will fix this, we promise we won’t let you down. Don’t be so pessimistic.”And then, nothing. Silence. Or something worse than silence. Empty words and promises which give the impression that sufficient action is being taken.”

“Immediately halt all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction.Immediately end all fossil fuel subsidies. And immediately and completely divest from fossil fuels. We don’t want these things done by 2050, 2030 or even 2021. We want this done now.”