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New Report Details Jobs & Skills Programs Needed for Circular Economy

A new report from Circle Economy details jobs & skills that will be necessary in the future as the world transitions into a circular model. In the coming years the world will need job training programs that can help displaced workers find work in emerging industries and retrain Americans whoRead More →

Spaceship Earth relives the 1990’s Biosphere 2 Experiments

A new documentary called Spaceship Earth relives the famous Biosphere 2 experiment which began in the early 1990’s. The experiment consisted of a quarantined crew of 8 scientists who lived inside of an isolated facility called biosphere 2 to understand how humans might be able to live in space. TheRead More →

Teaching Environmental Policy through Case Studies

A recent case study looks into the benefits of having students write their own case studies. Writing case studies can offer students a lot of practical skills and benefits throughout the courses and after. Skills gained during the exercise can be directly translated to the workplace. In addition, the studyRead More →

Case Study: The Circular Economy Club is Growing Their Message Via Schools

A new case study from GEEP shows the development of a worldwide program to raise awareness about the circular economy. The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) works to help grow environmental education around the world. The circular economy club (CEC) is an international network of 3,500 individuals and organizations whoRead More →

The List for the Top 15 Green Colleges in the U.S. is Out

Best colleges put out their list for the top 15 green campuses in the United States. The review took into account many factors including programs offered, STARS ratings, on-campus waste and energy consumption alternative transportation, funding of green proposals and more. As sustainability initiatives gain traction in the country, educationalRead More →

Green Schools Alliance is Helping Schools Become more Sustainable with Tech

Green Schools Alliance has partnered the Noveda Technologies allowing individual schools to monitor their own energy and take steps to reduce their consumption. The technology gives users a 360 degree view of consumption on campus and challenges to reduce their overall impact. The alliance boasts over 9,000 schools, districts, andRead More →

About Higher Education

About Higher Education

Schools are one the most important aspects of society and are critical to the sustainability movement. Schools are at the center for innovation, often developing breakthroughs and more aggressively implementing green solutions ahead of the mainstream. Today’s students are increasingly aware of the critical role of sustainability for future generations. Green World showcases solutions, innovations, and best practices available for schools that reduce their environmental footprint and inspire other industries to follow.

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