Hostelling International is one of the Greenest Companies in the Industry

Hostelling International (Hi USA) is known for being one of the most sustainable companies in the hospitality industry. The travel and tourism industry accounts for around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Creating a more sustainable tourism industry is an important aspect of climate change and can implement changes more easily than other sectors of the economy.

Hostelling International purchases renewable energy credits that equal 100% of their electricity consumption annually which lead to their membership in the EPA’s Green Power Leadership club. The company mandates that each hostel has LED lights and energy star rated appliances. The Boston location stores the energy created from elevator braking systems saving up to 75% of the energy used in typical elevators.

To save water, different hostel locations have come up with great solutions. At the San Francisco location, water is recycled from hand washing sinks to be used to flush toilets. In Portland, rainwater is collected to flush toilets and grow native plants in the garden. The location in Monterey uses tokens for showers to prevent guests from taking excessively long showers.

The hotel industry can take away some of the practices that Hostelling International has put into effect. Greening this industry is important for the future of the planet and could have an important impact on the bottom line. Companies switching to renewables and conserving resources effectively can save tons of money.