Imperfect Produce is Helping in the Food Waste Fight During Covid-19

Imperfect Produce is an online food delivery service that fights food waste. The platform sells food that typical grocery stores refuse due to odd shapes and sizes. Normally this food would be simply wasted, along with all of the resources and hard work that went in to growing it. Imperfect produce also sells produce that is considered surplus, when growers produce more than the grocery store demands. With nowhere else to be sold, imperfect produce sells it directly to customers at a reduced price. 

During the coronavirus, it is also a safer option to get groceries delivered. Reducing as much contact with the world is the key to being safe and keeping others safe during this time of uncertainty. It is also a benefit to grocery stores in that it reduces shoppers in stores, creating a safer environment for workers and other shoppers while also reducing the strain on the supply chain.


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