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  • “How Countries Can Learn From Jordan’s Renewable Energy Pivot” • Jordan, with a total generation capacity of about 4,000 MW, has 285 MW of wind and 771 MW of solar power. It wants to have 2,000 MW of renewable capacity by 2021. Its move toward renewables, started in 2015, is impelled by both economic and humanitarian pressures. [The National]

Jordans sunny and windy Wadi Rum

  • “900 GW Of Coal To Be Repaced By Renewable Energy – IRENA” • A report from IRENA convincingly concludes that by 2020 the entire world will be able to install renewable energy for considerably less cost than existing fossil fuel plants. Renewable energy has fallen in cost faster than even IRENA had forecast, and the cost keeps declining. [Utilities Middle East]
  • “Walt Disney World Solar Panels Now Span 270 Acres” • At 50 MW, the Walt Disney World solar array is one of the biggest in Florida, and it generates enough renewable energy to operate two of Disney’s four Florida theme parks. The Walt Disney Company has a 2020 goal to reduce emissions by 50% compared to 2012. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Ex-Governor Strickland Frustrated To See Ohio Dumping Renewable Energy Goals” • In 2008, Ohio Gov Ted Strickland signed into law a bill pushing the coal-dependent state toward renewable electricity. The Republican controlled legislature had passed the bill with one negative vote. Now, that law is being undone, and he is not happy. [Toledo Blade]
  • “Conservatives Should Change How They Think About Global Warming. I Did.” • I worked at a libertarian thinktank for 23 years, arguing against climate action. But my views have changed. I now embrace decarbonization. Why? For one thing, I’ve come to better understand risk management. We need to hedge our bets on climate change. [The Guardian]

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June 10 Green Energy News