Kia Wants to Replace Public Transportation With Micro-EV’s

Kia Motors is considering the future of public transportation by pushing for micro electric vehicles that can help people move around cities. The cars have a short range of 71km and a top speed of 45km/h. The company plans to begin in Europe and move to other parts of the world over time. The idea may be beneficial in places with large public transportation populations that have experienced major setbacks due to Coronavirus. The company says they are seeing a move from public to private transportation due to safety concerns of contracting the virus on trains and buses in major cities.

Presumably the cars would be parked strategically throughout cities and can be hailed easily. Similar platforms like Zipcar and Car2go, which recently ended operations in North America, have been available for years using a similar model, although not with micro cars and electric vehicles. The appeal of Kia’s model is that micro cars take up less space and would be offered at cheaper price points than the competition, due to its stripped-down cars that don’t necessarily offer all the modern features most people expect in a car. Kia has some clear work to do and hurdles to jump through to be able to deliver on these promises but more options for urban dwellers to get around the city is always beneficial.


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