Living on Earth Podcast Tackles Green New Deal and Talks National Parks

Living on Earth is a weekly news and information program from PRI/ World Media Foundation which dives into the topics of environment, climate, human health, politics, and ecology. The podcast began in 2014 and is hosted by Steve Curwood. Listen to the podcast here.

A recent episode of the podcast dives into the topic of the Green New Deal and the 10,000 farmers across the country who have signed on in support. A major section of the green new deal relates to regenerative agriculture, something that is currently a growing trend in the United States. The farming industry has the ability to be a key player in the decrease of global carbon emissions.

The episode goes on to explore the topic of the National Parks and America’s public lands. National parks provide an estimated number of $100 billion worth of value to the country, doing so on a shoestring budget. National parks contribute to carbon sequestration and ecosystem services. Additionally, parks are a benefit for water, tourism, and even the film industry. Parks and green spaces have contributed to shaping our culture, offer mental health services, and are a great way for many to simply clear their head.