New Research Shows One Million Mile Capability for Electric Car Batteries

Earlier this month, a study was published from researchers at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia revealing a new battery for electric cars that could last for up to 1 million miles, more than twice the amount that Tesla’s currently expect to get. The researchers, in an exclusive agreement with Tesla, conducted their tests over three years with an end-result that creates a new benchmark for research and development for modern batteries.

The research also shows the batteries would be able to last two decades in grid storage settings. Tesla was simultaneously awarded a patent for a new electric car battery featuring a chemical makeup that is almost the same as the one the Dalhousie researchers came up with.

This research has the ability to dramatically improve electric car capabilities. Electric car batteries may soon far outlast the cars themselves. More efficient batteries are one of the largest hurdles the industry faces in addition to lithium extraction and battery storage. No announcement has been made in regard to when the batteries may go into production.