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U.S. Renewable Electricity Grows 14.7%

as Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Fall For first three-quarters of 2017, Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) data show: Renewable electrical production up 14.7% Biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar, and wind energy all increase Coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power all decrease Renewables provide 17.8% of total U.S. generation as solar reaches 2% …

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Omaha Saving $ by Switching From Nukes to Wind

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, during a flood in 2011 (US Army Corps of Engineers photo) By George Harvey On August 26, 2016, the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) announced that it would close the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant, which had a rated output of 476 megawatts (MW). It had …

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Andover Town Offices Move Toward Net Zero

Andover town office building. Photo by Larry Chase. By George Harvey Andover, New Hampshire, a town of almost 2,400 people, has a long commitment to conservation. It has been thirty years since an ordinance was brought before the town meeting to make recycling mandatory. It passed unanimously. Readers of Green …

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NH Solar Shares Over the Top

The New Hampshire Electric Co-op Foundation recently awarded a $10,000 grant to NH Solar Shares, which will allow the group to break ground on their first solar electric array. Marking the occasion were (from left) NHEC President/CEO Steve Camerino, Dunkin Donuts Plymouth owner and Solar Shares contributor Chris Swanson, PAREI …

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  • February 20 Green Energy News

    Headline News: Scientists at the University of Sheffield in the UK released a study that suggests using granulated basaltic rocks from volcanic eruptions could provide several positive benefits for agriculture and the climate. The benefits include improving soil fertility, cutting amounts of pesticides needed, and increasing carbon sequestration. [CleanTechnica] Spreading …

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  • February 19 Green Energy News

  • February 18 Green Energy News

  • Innovative, Effective Responses to Climate Change

    The recent news about climate change, hurricanes, firestorms etc is sobering and relates to a significant, often overlooked, cause of climate change namely, the massive amounts of food that we throw away. This ends up in landfills and, in rotting, emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.  We seem to be …

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