Plastic Free July is Nearly Halfway Over But it’s Not Too Late to Join in

Plastic Pollution continues to be a problem around the world. According to Ocean Conservancy, around 8 million metric tons of plastic goes into the world’s oceans each year. In addition, around 40% of the plastic produced is only used once before it is discarded.

The world continues to not act quickly enough to get ahead our plastic problem, leaving plastics throughout our oceans ecosystems and microplastics in our bodies. Organizations are looking to solve this problem from the recycling side of things to innovations that aim to eliminate the pacific garbage patch. Awareness is beginning to raise around this important issue and more people are joining in the fight every day.

A campaign is going on through the month of July dubbed “Plastic Free July” to raise awareness about our consumption of plastics and to encourage living for one month without using any plastic. Events surrounding the campaign are happening around the world for Plastic Free July, find one near you.

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