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Loctek’s new Deskcise Pro V9 Bike Desk and Sit-Stand Desk

Whether you love or hate it, for most of us, computers, tablets and smart phones have become a mandatory part of life and work on the homestead. Yet hours and hours sitting behind screens have been shown to have significant negative impacts on health and wellness. Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative goes as far as stating that “sitting is the new smoking,” with many studies pointing to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Homesteaders are already super careful on how they grow and what they eat. But health and wellness could be on the minds in our homestead or farm office as well, not just on what we put on our plate or what we raise in our fields.

Loctek that aims to create a more ergonomic and healthy workspace. Attempting to get us peddling while we’re typing, Loctek launched their FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro V9 desk exercise bike, providing users the opportunity to get some mild exercise while they post Facebook updates, CSA newsletters or enter receipts into Quickbooks from their laptop. In essence, the Deskcise Pro v9 is an adjustable exercise bike with a small tabletop that can easily accommodate any laptop, tablet or paperwork.

“It isn’t hard exercise, it’s just meant to get you standing and moving,” shares Lane Xiang, CEO of Loctek, while peddling and speaking at a press conference. “Our products show that you can be doing business while still getting the blood flowing.”

Additionally, Loctek’s line of standing desk converters let you take your sedentary time vertical with a unit that sits on your desk that can effortlessly convert from a seated posture to a custom standing desk position. I can’t wait to add their FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M3W sit-stand desk converter to my own home office.

Getting off your chair while working can help combat the health risks like cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure associated with prolonged sitting. Working while standing also burns roughly 50 more calories per hour. That might not sound like a lot, but three hours a day for five days a week adds up to roughly 750 extra calories burnt.