Project Description

Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Hydropanel

Water is vital to life, yet according to The Water Project, as many as 1 in 9 people worldwide lack access to clean and safe drinking water. At CES 2018, Zero Mass Water showcased how they’re working to create a smart solution to improve access to safe drinking water and provide an alternative to bottled water to cut plastic waste with their SOURCE “hydropanel”. It transforms water vapor from the air into clean drinking water using photovoltaics and proprietary vapor collection panels. The SOURCE is able to produce 4 to 10 liters of water on a sunny day, or the equivalent of 8 to 20 standard 16.9 oz. containers of bottled water, based on climate conditions and moisture content in the air.

“The SOURCE is using a built-in solar panel to power the process of collecting water vapor from the air and bringing it into our special material, which it then converts into drinkable, safe liquid water,” explains Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Marketing & Communications at Zero Mass Water. “The water then comes from the [SOURCE located on the] roof or the yard to your kitchen or anywhere you’d like a dispenser, via a very small 3/8” tube.”

From Zero Mass Water’s headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona to India or Mexico, the SOURCE can operate in a variety of climates and conditions using only water vapor in the air and solar energy. The SOURCE features a battery for production on cloudy days and a 30-liter reservoir to keep you hydrated. The SOURCE utilizes in-panel sensors and machine learning to calculate if it’s safe to operate in the current climate. If the air temperature nears freezing, the SOURCE will automatically enter ‘Hibernation Mode,’ protecting itself until the temperature rises.