Project Description

By Jeff Grossberg, Editor

The NAMM Show is coming to Anaheim Convention Center on January 24-27, attracting over 115,000 attendees who will be visiting the exhibit booths of over 7,000 music merchant brands . In honor of this most important industry event of the year, Green World is covering what the music manufacturing industry is doing by way of sustainable initiatives. The following provides you with a few of the highlights of the music industry, with more updates to come as we dive deeper into an industry that touches all our lives in many direct and indirect ways.

Musical instrument makers are taking the greening of their process seriously. Back in 1996, Gibson guitars was the first to make some of their instruments from sustainably harvested wood that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It is estimated today that over 80% of the wood used for Gibson guitars is FCS certified. Other great guitar brands such as Taylor, Fender, Martin, Guild, Walden, and Yamaha have followed Gibson’s lead by being signatures to the Music Wood Coalition, created by Green Peace International.

As one of the largest music instrument and audio equipment manufactures in the world, Yamaha Corporation has a significant sustainability commitment that is outlined extensively on their website.

Yamaha considers sustainability across all their business activity phases. This starts with the development phase of their products, incorporating a greater number of “Eco products” that meet certain ecological guidelines. Next phase, Yamaha considers the procurement of its materials that are eco-friendly from a supply chain that is sustainably-minded. Onto the production phase that seeks to lower its greenhouse gas emissions and reduces its overall environmental footprint. Even their sales and usage phase provides end-users with sustainable knowledge when it comes to reducing energy consumption. And finally, Yamaha’s maintenance and recycling phase considers the careful long-term use of its products to remain environmentally sound and are eventually recycled in the most sustainable best manner possible.

Other wonderful initiatives are being put forth through such companies as Green Tones. Founded by the Hohner Company, Green Tones makes incredibly safe eco-friendly wood-based instruments for children, starting at the age of 6 months old. Green Tones products are from chemical free Rubberwood, using non-toxic glue and water-based VOC free paint. Their products are sustainably packaged using recycled paper, with a commitment by Green Tones for reforestation. In addition, Green Tones contributes 1% of its revenues toward environmental initiatives as one of the over 1,200 members from the “1% For the Planet” organization.

Green World looks forward to providing you with additional updates on sustainable musical equipment manufacturing, as well as including insights on how such equipment is being used by eco-minded concert venues, festivals, and touring bands.