Sheroes 2020 USGBC

2020 Sustainability Sheroes of the USGBC Community recognized.

“Don’t be afraid, just go for it!” are the wise words repeated with passion by Jessica Davis, Director of the IUPUI Sustainability, during the USGBC Regional Women in Green Panel. This is how all her sustainability expert peers started their career in sustainability. The event on January 27, 2021, celebrated the ENC Region’s selected Sheroes in the Midwest.
Other Shero panelists nominated were Sandra Henry, Senior Director, Energy and Sustainability, at Elevate Energy, Peggy Matta, a Project Architect at Redstone Architects, Tammie Wareham, Project Coordinator at DesignGroup, and many more…

The event was also hosted by more amazing women, all working towards a sustainable future.

“More than 60 women were recognized by USGBC in 2020 year and we encourage you to read about them below and here.”

Read more about these Sheroes here:

Roxane RB.