Sundrop Farms is Using Desalinated Water to Irrigate Their Indoor Farms

The Australia company Sundrop Farms has been using seawater to irrigate their indoor farm in Port Augusta, South Australia. The company has developed a system that doesn’t require fossil fuels, groundwater, or soil to grow a variety of produce. The system uses seawater and solar power to achieve the energy needed to desalinate the water, regulate the temperature of the facility and grow the crops. The farm uses a 115m solar tower with 23,000 mirrors pointed at it. A thermal desalination plant separates salt from the seawater used to irrigate, with no wasted water. In addition, the facility captures rain water for use in irrigation.

Graphic: Sundrop Farms

The Sun Drop system doesn’t use any soil, so it can be implemented in areas with harsh climates and poor soil. In addition, the use of pesticides aren’t necessary due to its controlled indoor environment. The first greenhouse opened in 2016, growing tomatoes for the grocery store chain Coles, throughout Australia. The company has since expanded to growing a variety of produce consumed throughout Australia.