Sustainability Credential Soup 2019 Kicks Off in Chicago November 5th

The Illinois Green Alliance hosts its Sustainability Credential Soup symposium November 5 at the MakeOffices headquarters in Chicago, IL, where expert panelists and other industry professionals will educate and network from 6 to 8p.m.

The panelists aim to enlighten their audience about the process required to earn sustainability industry credentials, such as the LEED and CEM, which are vital to any eco-friendly business.

These certifications are invaluable to businesses that are interested in sustainability. Though they may present higher up-front costs, these costs are often negated over time by the reduction in waste and tax breaks that are associated with obtaining such certifications.

The event will also provide attendees with an opportunity to network with others in the industry.

This event is sponsored by MakeOffices and Stein Sustainability LLC.

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Written by Dilawar Naqvi