This November, Paris will host the gathering of leaders of the ocean-based business community from all over the world at the ninth annual World Ocean Council (WOC) Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS). Their goal: moving the industry toward action on “Corporate Ocean Responsibility,” and promoting industry-driven change.

A change in our very culture and way of life is needed across the globe. This change can come from anywhere. The individual is absolutely essential to facilitating it certainly; little actions like cutting out single-use plastic, or trying to reduce your carbon footprint all mean something and are part of the solution. However, a change in the culture of government and big business is needed to combat the global effects of climate change. The problems are just too large and can only be resolved by rewriting our systems of production and consumption. Where governments have failed to implement enough legislation to promote this change, the private sector is starting to step up. Conferences such as the Sustainable Ocean Summit seek to open the conversation on how we, humanity, can unite to cooperate and revise our practices to facilitate sustainable business.

Chaired by Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan, president of the French Maritime Cluster, this will be the ninth summit since the implementation of the annual meeting in 2010. Since the beginning, the WOC has maintained the goal to “bring together the multi-sector Ocean Business Community to catalyze global leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability and “Corporate Ocean Responsibility.” These leaders of the global “Blue economy” come from all industries that relate to the ocean: fishing, offshore renewables, tourism, oil and gas, shipping, seabed mining, and even insurance, finance and law, and many more connected industries. Representatives from environmental and science communities and even government and intergovernmental organizations will be in attendance, as well.

With the theme “Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy,” this year’s session will be 2019’s biggest international business conference with such goals.

The summit will take place over two and a half days in November (the 20th- 22nd) and will cover a wide range of topics through information sessions and workshops. Such sessions will include the Ocean Executive Forum, a session on Women in Ocean Industries, talks on the Digital Ocean and Ocean 2030, as well as many more talks on a range of topics relating to “ocean governance and planning, ocean and climate, marine pollution, and ocean knowledge, research and technology”:

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Written by Heather Merrifield