This Year’s COP May Be the Most Important Climate Negotiations to Date

The COP, Conference of the Parties, are essential in the climate fight. The annual summit takes place with world governments to work toward environmental goals. The 25th UNFCCC led summit takes place from December 2-13 2019 in Chile. This summit has, in the past, created the Paris Climate Accords which has largely put the world on the path toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This year is particularly important as tensions have begun to rise from major countries’ environmental pitfalls. China, seen as a green leader in recent years, has ramped up coal capacity this year. Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro will need to be negotiated with to end deforestation in the Brazilian amazon. The United States have also left the Paris Climate Accords.

These problems need to be dealt with head on at this years summit. Important questions about article 6 of the Paris Climate Accords must be addressed to ensure stable Carbon markets that achieve the result of reducing emissions. Without a successful COP, it will be significantly more difficult for the world to reach the goals set by the Paris climate accords.