The Microgrid Conference in Chicago on May 7th-9th is a BIG deal!

///The Microgrid Conference in Chicago on May 7th-9th is a BIG deal!

The Microgrid Conference in Chicago on May 7th-9th is a BIG deal!

Don’t let the world “Micro” mislead you, there is nothing small about the major implications of the rapidly growing microgrid energy industry. Produced by, the most prolific single source for industry news and information, the Microgrid Conference will provide you with insider insights on a wide range of topics such as the global markets, the compelling business models, and the altruistic impact microgrids can bring to the world.

Having attended the past Conference in Boston, I learned firsthand how microgrids are set to grow at an accelerated pace. First, let’s make sure you understand the basic nature of a microgrid: a self-contained off-the-grid energy production system that allows various size end-users to benefit in many ways. With the advent of the devastating storms that have wiped out entire central grids such as in Puerto Rico, microgrids provide energy security and independence. End-users are no longer reliant on the central grid for their energy.

At the same time, microgrids can offer financial advantages over the central grid. End-user can incorporate distributed energy resources like solar into their microgrids and have the direct financial benefits of such assets that can generate power at low or no cost other than the initial purchase. New advances in waste-to-energy are positioned to be incorporated into microgrids to further drive energy costs to a point that microgrids can provide the best of both worlds: energy independence at lower costs than the central grid.

To learn more about the many uses of microgrids, I encourage you to review, and set your sails to attend the Microgrid Conference in Chicago on May 7th. You will position yourself to maximize the potential of the many benefits microgrids can bring to your company, hospital, school, municipality, or other end-user types.

For more info: Microgrid Conference

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