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Danny Kennedy

Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund and Cofounder of Sungevity and Powerhouse
Danny Kennedy leads the California Clean Energy Fund, connecting entrepreneurs everywhere to capital to build an abundant clean energy economy that benefits all.

Danny Kennedy in the News

Largest Convention for Solar, Smart Energy, Storage, and Fuel Cells

From September 23-26, over 19,000 energy industries professional will converge in In Salt Lake City, UT to attend North America Smart Energy Week. As the largest convention of its kind in North America, Smart Energy Week brings more than 700 leading manufacturers, service providers, and vendors to its expansive [...]

The Agri-Food Event Kicks Off Today

The Vertical Farming Conference kicks off today in Venlo, The Netherlands as part of the Agri-Food Innovation Event. Today’s speaker is Andre Fabris, as part of the smart farming conference, a section of the Vertical Farming Conference. Fabris will likely speak about Project Animus, a slightly elusive machine learning [...]

There is No National Policy in the U.S. Requiring Recycling

Americans are notoriously bad at recycling. We don’t like thinking about trash. As soon as our trash is tossed in the bin, it is forgotten about forever, for someone else to deal with. The average person doesn’t know how recycling works in the U.S. The people who generally know [...]

Malaysia is Sending Recycling Back to Canada

Malaysia is another country in Asia to reject plastic waste from the west. As a result of China’s decision to stop accepting plastic waste from the United States and others, 7 Million tons per year have been interrupted. In the midst of confusion and market failure, waste was illegally [...]

Vertical Farming Conference June 26th, 2019

Vertical Farming Conference takes place on June 26th, 2019 as part of the two-day Agri-Food Innovation event in Venlo, The Netherlands. Some of the focus topics include Improved resource-use efficiency, food safety, AI, robotics, and sustainable buildings. Leo Marcelis, a thought leader for the vertical farming movement, has been [...]

Investments in Vertical Farms growing

The Vertical Farming trend is growing in America, promising a more sustainable approach than conventional farming practices. Paul Gauthier, a leading thought leader in the field, is out to show the potential for vertical farming and the hurdles the industry faces. Companies are investing in Vertical Farm start-ups in [...]

Thought Leaders are Abundant at ESA 2019

The Plenary Speakers at ESA 2019 are covering diverse topics that are essential to the future of ecology and the way we humans live on the planet. These thought leaders are leading the way for the ecological movement. In addition to these speakers, many others have been speaking throughout [...]

14th International Conference on Agriculture & Horticulture 2019

The International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture is happening August 15th-16th in Rome, Italy. The annual event’s theme this year is the global state of agriculture. Geared toward industry professionals and academia, this event is expected to bring roughly 2,000 participants and 50 Exhibitors from around the world. The [...]

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting 2019

The Ecological Society of America is holding their (Link to event) annual meeting August 11th-16th at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The annual meeting brings together people from all over the country to discuss important issues surrounding ecology and other scientific disciplines. The event is hosted [...]

A Soil Health Mindset is a Growing Trend in Agriculture

Farmers are working on rebuilding the nation’s soil. Midwest farmers have had a long term love-hate relationship with soil from the 1800’s when agriculture first began to the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. Soil had consistently degraded until the 1980’s when farmers began working toward better practices to ensure [...]

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