Portable wind turbine innovation. KiteX

Wind Catcher: A quiet lightweight portable wind turbine made out of recycled materials, perfect for camping or emergency backup.

The Wind Catcher, by the copenhagen-based company KiteX, is a new innovation that can be used for camping or emergency backup in combination with solar panels for sunless days, or solo. It can connect to a classic generator for extra power as well.

2 models are available, 200W and 600W for different uses.

Andreas Okholm, founder and CEO of KiteX, explains how this kite-inspired wind turbine can be assembled in 15 minutes by 1 person. It weighs only 22 lbs (10 Kg) and is very affordable.
This innovation is also eco-friendly, made out of recycled materials, and it runs quietly. What’s not to like?

Learn more about the KiteX here: https://kitex.tech/wind-catcher/
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Roxane B.