WINT Water Intelligence can Help Hotels and Restaurants Save Water

The company WINT incorporates artificial intelligence technology that detects leaks and water waste. The system continuously learns and adapts to each specific water network to optimize the detection capabilities. The system uses alerts that can be sent directly to a mobile device or computer and can even shut the system off remotely.

The hospitality sector uses immense amounts of water for daily operations. Leaks in water pipes equate to a loss of revenue when rooms shut down or water drips on a restaurant floor. When a leak is detected, the AI makes suggestions to identify where the leak is coming from in order to locate them quickly. This has the ability to save potentially large quantities of water and reduces the need for manpower on site saving companies additional money.

According to the EPA, 15% of water used in commercial and institutional facilities in the U.S occurs in the hospitality industry. 52% of this water is used in the kitchen and dishwashing while 31% is used in domestic/ restrooms. In addition, about 25% of water goes to waste due to leaky faucets, pipes, and bad practices.

WINT boasts that businesses can reduce their water use and bills by 20-28% and eliminates the risk for expensive damage. The software can also compare your building to others like it. This can provide examples of how water can be saved and from what specific area of your building. Implementing this system can change the water habits significantly and help reduce water usage in the smartest ways.