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Elon Musk Beginning His Journey: “I Arrived In North America At 17 With $2,000”

How did Elon Musk grow into the business maverick he is today? It didn't come easy. CNBC reports that even though the 47-year-old "tech titan Elon Musk is currently worth more than $20 billion ... the Tesla and SpaceX boss hasn't always been so wealthy." Really Source: Clean TechNew feed Elon Musk Beginning His Read More

Brussels, In 4 Days, EV Revolution — Meet Me There!

In 4 days, on Wednesday, October 17, I will be presenting and moderating panels about the EV revolution during AVERE's AEC2018 conference. In the opening plenary, I will open up the conference with four EV leaders with diverse expertise and surely useful insight to share. Here's the opening lineup Source: Clean TechNew Read More

Lordy, MSNBC & POLITICO Miss The Tesla Elephant Again

Stephanie Ruhle does an excellent job covering macroeconomics and the political matters she covers. Ruhle is one of the most pointed, insightful, and, dare I say, electrifying political commentators on TV. But my goodness, she and the crew at Velshi & Ruhle need to get a clue on the 21st century auto industry Source: Read More

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