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GreenWorld Alliance:
Accelerating Sustainability Transformation by Sharing Green News, Knowledge, and Events.

Established in 2006  to address the growing impact of Climate Change – We provide news and knowledge about “Green” technology, best practices, and events to inspire action that creates transformation!

Our various accomplishments include:

GreenWorld News Portal:
We created our first news portal in 2007 and have continued to expand and keep at the forefront of the most pressing issues in sustainability arena.

Creating Green Zones:
GreenWorld established the first Green Zone and major sustainability programing for the International Council of Shopping Center’s RECON Convention in May of 2007. Expanding on this show in 2008, whereby over 1/3 of the entire trade-show floor was represented by the Green Zone providers. GreenWorld continued its support for the ICSC in 2009.

GreenWorld has assisted other organizations with their Green Zones and educational programming as well.

Implementing Lighting/Energy Retrofits:
GreenWorld undertook numerous energy and lighting upgrades in behalf of a wide range of clients such as industrial warehouse, apartments, offices, manufacturers, retail centers, hotels, municipalities, etc. This involved doing all necessary initial energy and lighting audits, proposing best case solutions, implementing the construction, and maintaining ongoing servicing.

Designing Sustainability Master Plans:
GreenWorld has created numerous programs that address the specific ways companies, municipalities, building owners can enhance their financial bottom-lines while at the same time, reduce their impact on the environment.

Finding and Promoting Super Solutions:
GreenWorld has intently sought out the most impactful innovations that can deliver breakthrough results. Called “Super Solutions”, GreenWorld positioned itself as the marketplace evangelist/agent presentative of these amazing technologies to ensure they get the best chance of success through market adaptation.

In 2009, GreenWorld was introduced to the most amazing and profound Super Solution called 360System. This breakthrough in biomass combustion uses a wide array of biomass feedstock including most any bio-waste streams. The economics of the 360System offers a most compelling solution for distributed energy and waste reduction. 360System is available to the market starting in the 4th quarter of 2017.

Green World Alliance Internal Team:

Jeff Grossberg- Editor-in-Chief/Director

Jon Herrmann- Sr. Web Architect/Chief Marketing Officer

Roxane Bernard De Lajartre – Editorial Coordinator/Writer/Researcher/Social Media

Lauren Flum – Editorial Contributor/Writer/Researcher

Nick Scherer – Writer/Researcher

Maria Revuelta – Writer/Researcher

Noelle Manfredi –Writer/Researcher

Anjoli Guha – Writer/Researcher


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