About Green World Alliance

Green World was established in 2006 to accelerate the adoption of sustainability best practices and transformative solutions. We share knowledge and know-how through our green news portal and educational programming, covering a wide range of sustainability topics, events, and issues. By utilizing alliances with organizations, thought leaders, and solutions providers, Green World consults with end-users to meet their specific challenges in implementing sustainable practices and projects.

Current Green World Alliance Projects:

Media Channels: Knowledge portal, social media, newsletters, and other means bring up-to-date information to enhance end-user sustainability quotients.

Educational Series: Interactive sessions allow specific industries and user groups to make more informed decisions as they implement projects and acquire green solutions.

Consulting and Project Implementation: Consortium of Thought Leaders and Solution Providers enable end-users to elevate sustainability impact and return on investment.

Innovation Acceleration: Research, investment, and marketing resources support the life cycle of green innovation.

Green Consumerism and Activism: Online greenest products and initiatives to propel consumer choices and engagement.

Green World Alliance Accomplishments:

  • Established the first Green Zone for the International Council of Shopping Centers 50,000 attendee RECON Convention, including initiatives like an online knowledge portal, educational sessions, and booth/sponsorship acquisition.
  • Assisted numerous organizations with their event and education programming, such as NetZero, SWANA, Greenbuild, Solar Powered International, Microgrid Knowledge, Biomass International, and others.
  • Implemented energy audits and lighting upgrades for many industrial, apartment, office, manufacturing, retail, hotel, and municipal clients.
  • Designed and assisted sustainability master plans for municipalities, schools, and building owners, enhancing their financial bottom-lines while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Supported breakthrough innovations through research, investment, and marketing to enhance their successful entry into the marketplace, innovations such as a transformative waste-to-energy solution.


Green World Alliance Internal Team:

Jeffrey Grossberg, Director, Editor-in-Chief

Roxane RB, Media Director, Marketing Strategist

Jacqueline (Jackie) Cordell, VP of Consulting and Team Development

Raghunath Reddy Koilakonda, Chief Data and Operations Officer

Adam Catris, Solution Provider Leader, Sustainability Knowledge Provider

Ally Larson, Social Media Manager, Writer/Researcher, Newsletter Content Manager

Anna Langlois, Editor, Writer, Media Team Coordinator

Ao Chen, Sustainability Explorer

Chris Ng, End User Work Pod Leader

Claire Chevalier, Ambassador and End User Coordinator

Daniella Orellana, Writer/Researcher

Eddie Ko, Sustainability Explorer

Ella Mao, Sustainability Explorer

Elvan Zheng, Sustainability Explorer

Isabella Wilkes, Editor-in-Chief

Jacob Rosen, Sustainability and Content Author/Digital Media Strategist

Joseph Pollack, Sustainability Explorer

Lilianna Vaughan,  Event Production Assistant

Linsie Zou, Inputs and Materials Work Pod Leader

Liv Clafford, Team Coordinator

Lydia Kain, Sustainability Explorer

Madlen Anderson, Sustainability Content Manager, Innovation Work Pod Leader

Mariana Monahan, Writer/Researcher, Social Media 

Markis Cheng, Sustainability Explorer

Maxwell RoweSuttonMedia Team Coordinator and Editor

McLennan, Writer/Researcher

Natalie Krauskopf, Researcher/Topics Content Manager

Olivia Braun, Writer/Researcher, Editor

Olivia D, Researcher, Topics Content Manager, C&P

Pedro Nakashima, Marketing and Sales Associate

Pierce Lynch, Energy Efficiency Pod Leader

Richa PatelResearch Coordinator

Roger Cheng, Sustainability Explorer

Samy Natarajan, Sustainability Explorer

Sid VanamData Team Leader

Terron Washington, Marketing and Sales Associate

Timothee Maret, Sustainability Explorer

Von Herrmann, CTO, Marketing Strategist

Zoe Lauer, Sustainability Explorer