About Green World Alliance

Green World was established in 2006 to accelerate the adoption of sustainability best practices and transformative solutions. We share knowledge and know-how through our green news portal and educational programming, covering a wide range of sustainability topics, events, and issues. By utilizing alliances with organizations, thought leaders, and solutions providers, Green World consults with end-users to meet their specific challenges in implementing sustainable practices and projects.

Current Green World Alliance Projects:

Media Channels: Knowledge portal, social media, newsletters, and other means bring up-to-date information to enhance end-user sustainability quotients.

Educational Series: Interactive sessions allow specific industries and user groups to make more informed decisions as they implement projects and acquire green solutions.

Consulting and Project Implementation: Consortium of Thought Leaders and Solution Providers enable end-users to elevate sustainability impact and return on investment.

Innovation Acceleration: Research, investment, and marketing resources support the life cycle of green innovation.

Green Consumerism and Activism: Online greenest products and initiatives to propel consumer choices and engagement.

Green World Alliance Accomplishments:

  • Established the first Green Zone for the International Council of Shopping Centers 50,000 attendee RECON Convention, including initiatives like an online knowledge portal, educational sessions, and booth/sponsorship acquisition.
  • Assisted numerous organizations with their event and education programming, such as NetZero, SWANA, Greenbuild, Solar Powered International, Microgrid Knowledge, Biomass International, and others.
  • Implemented energy audits and lighting upgrades for many industrial, apartment, office, manufacturing, retail, hotel, and municipal clients.
  • Designed and assisted sustainability master plans for municipalities, schools, and building owners, enhancing their financial bottom-lines while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Supported breakthrough innovations through research, investment, and marketing to enhance their successful entry into the marketplace, innovations such as a transformative waste-to-energy solution.


Green World Alliance Internal Team:

Jeff Grossberg– Editor-in-Chief/Director

Jon Herrmann– Sr. Web Architect/Chief Marketing Officer

Roxane Bernard De Lajartre – Editorial Coordinator/Writer/Social Media

Nicole Foulke – Editorial Contributor/Writer/Researcher/Social Media

Justin Stanphil – Writer/Researcher/Social Media

Nick Scherer – Writer/Researcher

Sydney Weiss – Writer/Researcher

Rakel Kotlyar – Writer/Researcher

Maria Revuelta – Writer/Researcher

Noelle Manfredi –Writer/Researcher

Heather Merrifield – Writer/Researcher