Generac Power Systems Showcase Groundbreaking Solar Energy Technology

In an interview with Green World Alliance’s Jeff Grossberg (Director, Editor-in-Chief of GWA) on September 21st, Aaron Jagdfeld, the President and CEO of Generac Power Systems, was determined to stand out from the pack of solar energy solution providers. “We are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve,” said Jagdfeld, and, on all accounts, that seems to be true. With outstanding fuel efficiency, high-capacity storage, and seamless system integration Generac is redefining the residential solar power market. Not an easy feat. 

The secret, to hear Jagdfeld tell it, is Generac’s impressive capabilities in the areas of manufacturing and distribution. With renewable energy, especially solar power, entering mainstream residential markets, the problem of service delivery poses several multifaceted challenges. One of the most crucial is the hurdle of self-sufficiency. Striving for energy independence is difficult when mechanisms for the storing of renewable sources of power are paltry. This is especially prevalent in more sparsely populated areas or high-risk weather zones where the local utility might not be able to restore power for many hours or even days. In situations such as those, self-sufficiency is important. 

Introducing resilient nanogrids into homes across the country, the Wisconsin-based energy technology company intends to create a “supermarket” of solar solutions. Installing renewable energy in your home is difficult but with Generac’s new generation of products, energy management has never been simpler. The PWRmicro (2:1 and 1:1 microinverters) allow the homeowner to harvest and store more energy while maximizing the value of their investment. Additionally, the PWRgenerator allows the home to operate on a nanogrid, with battery storage independent from a municipal power system. Indispensable in long outages, the PWRgenerator is reliable without compromising lifestyle or comfort. Finally, rounding out this cycle of solar products is the PWRmanager, an all-encompassing app experience that allows the homeowner to interact with their energy system on a user-friendly interface. Revolutionary and unprecedented, Generac is giving consumers the power to control their power.

Providing power for the entire home, the PWRcell and PWRgenerator systems can be relied on for security as well, able to keep the power on during an outage, even if the sun is nowhere to be seen. Don’t let the wide range of the system’s capabilities confuse you, because the entire system can be monitored in the PWRview app. All the resilience of a nano-grid right in the palm of your hand. 

During uncertain times, homeowners deserve a clean energy solution that provides them the security they need with all the independence they want. Launching in the early months of 2022, the PWRgenerator and PWRmicros are essentials for a cutting-edge home solar array. Being able to generate and store more power than ever before at a convenient low cost, Generac is staking its claim as a sustainable industry leader. With the PWRmanager following close behind with a launch in the Spring of 2022, there is plenty to look forward to in the solar energy sector. 

Green World Alliance is an organization that seeks solutions in sustainability from a holistic point of view. As we come to grips with the deterioration of our climate, it is important to investigate answers to our most pressing questions. Striving towards a world that eliminates waste and supports equitable treatment of all human beings, diminishing our home’s reliance on oil and natural gas is a good start. Green World is committed to search out the most compelling innovations and are excited about the incredible implications for Generac’s new offering for homeowner independence and sustainability. Additional information on the products discussed can be found here while additional innovations discussed on the Green World Alliance platform can be found here


–Jacob Rosen