American Food Manufacturing Summit Makes Plans for Virtual Event in 2021

This year from November 16th to 18th, Generis will host the American Food Manufacturing Summit. Generis is a company that strives to connect professionals and promote the exchange of ideas. This summit brings together food and beverage processors and suppliers to exchange ideas and discuss trends, strategies, and practices within the industry. With the goal of improving automation, operation, and quality, this summit includes presentations about issues and innovation and provides attendees with networking opportunities. The key themes include manufacturing, automation, quality, and safety. This year, the event will occur virtually and requires registration ahead of time. 

The American Food Manufacturing Summit boasts a diverse group of key speakers from a variety of world renown companies such as the Kellogg Company and Pizza Hut International. Across the three-day event, speeches, and presentations cover many topics including an event on environmental sustainability in manufacturing operations. This presentation will include a case study of PepsiCo and how using AI can improve sustainability. The speech will also cover efficiency in water and land usage, as well as how reducing energy and food waste across the manufacturing process can enhance productivity, in addition to improving a company’s impact on the environment. 

At the rest of the summit, attendees can expect a number of presentations on important topics including food manufacturing safety both for employees and customers and improving manufacturing line efficiency. There are daily “Lunch & Learn Roundtable Discussions,” for which attendees can register ahead of time. These are moderated discussions that cover a variety of issues including food safety and consumer relationships. Everyday there will be networking opportunities for attendees and brands. 

The American Food Manufacturing Summit brings together a diverse accumulation of companies, business leaders, and experts to provide attendees with groundbreaking ideas and innovations. Particularly with the inclusion of the keynote speech about sustainability in food manufacturing, Genesis encourages attendees to look to the future for sustainable and efficient practices that will serve the industry for years. 

Interested in attending the American Food Manufacturing Summit and joining the conversation? You can register here. Presentation slides and videos from previous years are also available here on their website.


—Olivia Braun