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One Year left for Vermont Composting Goal

One Year Left for Vermont Composting Goal Vermont Commercial Composting facility Vermont has always been a national leader of environmentally friendly policy and public tendencies, but the state is planning to take another big step one year from now; this time to reduce household waste. In Vermont’s quest to reach the status of a waste-free state, [...]

Study: Seaweed Farming May Offset Carbon Emissions

Cultivating seaweed along the coast could offset the carbon produced by the aquaculture industry, as well as potentially fight climate change at local levels, according to a new study in “Current Biology,” published in August, 2019. The researchers did not find seaweed cultivation to be a viable solution to offset all of global agriculture’s extensive carbon emissions. Still, [...]

Interactive Apps: How Much Plastic Waste Do You Create Each Year?

As we share more of an international focus to define and meet global environmental targets, many individuals also contribute by such means as recycling plastic and toting reusable grocery bags. Not all plastic is recyclable but many do what we can with recyclables to prevent further environmental damage; but is there a way to measure how much change [...]

Barack Obama to Give Keynote at 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in November

Forty-fourth U.S. president Barack Obama will feature as the keynote speaker at the global Greenbuild International Conference and Expo 2019, the largest annual event of its kind for the green building and sustainability industry sector, held November 19-22 at the LEED Gold-designated Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Greenbuild 2019 features four days of educational sessions, green [...]

Largest Convention for Solar, Smart Energy, Storage, and Fuel Cells

From September 23-26, over 19,000 energy industries professional will converge in In Salt Lake City, UT to attend North America Smart Energy Week. As the largest convention of its kind in North America, Smart Energy Week brings more than 700 leading manufacturers, service providers, and vendors to its expansive expo floor.  Smart Energy Week features extensive peer-led educational [...]

Irish Teen’s Science Project May Hold Key to Tackling Ocean Plastic Pollution

An Ireland teen’s Google Science Fair project may offer the world’s oceans relief from the ever-increasing microplastics pollution dilemma. Eighteen-year-old Fionn Ferreira won the $50,000 grand prize of educational funds at Google’s annual 2018-2019 fair for teens ages 13 through 18 for his project focusing on the extraction of microplastics from water. Microplastics are defined as plastics generally [...]

Plastic Free July is Over But the Plastic Fight Continues

It’s the end of Plastic Free July, the campaign to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption problem. The campaign boasts that 120 million people took the pledge to stop using plastic for the month of July this year. Raising awareness for this issue is important for the planet and the future health of our oceans. In order [...]

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  • https://www.sustainableoceansummit.org/

Sustainable Ocean Summit, Paris 2019

This November, Paris will host the gathering of leaders of the ocean-based business community from all over the world at the ninth annual World Ocean Council (WOC) Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS). Their goal: moving the industry toward action on "Corporate Ocean Responsibility," and promoting industry-driven change. A change in our very culture and way of life is needed [...]

US Generates More Waste and Recycles Less Than Other Developed Nations

The United States creates significantly more waste and recycles much less of it compared to other developed countries, according to a new report from the international risk consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft. The world is bracing itself for a primarily plastic-driven waste catastrophe as developing countries such as China refuse to continue to take its refuse, per the analysis. [...]

Sustainable Ocean Summit 2019

https://www.oceancouncil.org/event/sustainable-ocean-summit-2019/ November 20-22 Paris, France Since 2010, the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) has been bringing together leaders from the diverse ocean business community – shipping, fisheries, oil and gas, aquaculture, offshore renewables, tourism, seabed mining, marine technology, law, insurance, finance, etc. – as well as ocean stakeholders from the government, inter-governmental, science and environment communities – to focus on [...]

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Economically Sound Substitute to Fossil Fuels on the Horizon?

Could researchers in Toronto have found a way to turn the problem of food waste into the solution to sustainable fuel? In our fossil fuel-dependent society substitute fuels are a huge line of research. The quest to find an affordable and viable replacement to ___ has engaged scientists and researchers for [...]

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