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5 Shiny Shanghai Auto Show Highlights — Singulato iC3, Icona Nucleus, Wey X, AiWays U5, & MAD Robot

Walking the massive convention center that houses Auto Shanghai 2019 (i.e., the Shanghai Auto Show) is a great way to get in your steps. The place is huge, taking up 5,400,000 square feet of exhibit space. There are cars and automotive-related companies displaying everything from the latest SUV to a new electric concept to a meal-delivery robot that takes [...]

ThEVox Network: The Voice Of Electric Mobility On YouTube

Tune into the newly launched theEVox Network on YouTube to take a look at the latest technology that’s meeting this increasing consumer demand and keep an eye on electric mobility trends. Source: Clean TechNew feed ThEVox Network: The Voice Of Electric Mobility On YouTube

Clean Tech Jobs Lead Employment Statistics In Many US States

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says solar and wind industry worker jobs have the highest demand and best prospects for growth in 12 US states. There are lots of other clean tech jobs available in other areas as well. Source: Clean TechNew feed Clean Tech Jobs Lead Employment Statistics In Many US States

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range — 1st Video Overview

The base Tesla Model 3 Standard Range recently started getting delivered in the US and expert EV reviewer Alex Dykes ("Alex on Autos") received his personal vehicle just this weekend. Alex gives us a quick tour of the interior and finds that the trim, features, and materials appear to be largely the same as the Standard Range Plus version [...]

The Robot Gig Economy: Will It Pay Off For Tesla Owners?

Tesla is taking bold steps toward launching the Tesla Network, an Uber-like transportation service in which a self-driving Tesla will give you a ride. Recent research indicates that this could make big money for not only Tesla, but also Tesla owners who are willing to let their car participate in the Network while they’re not using it. But will [...]

Electric Liferaft Passes Extreme Weather Tests

A novel partnership between Torqeedo, part of the DEUTZ group working with marine electric mobility, and VIKING, a manufacturer and service provider in offshore safety, has popped up. It's an innovative new evacuation system with an electric inflatable liferaft Source: Clean TechNew feed Electric Liferaft Passes Extreme Weather Tests

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Renewable Energy News

May 3 Green Energy News

{$inline_image}Headline News: “Six Signs Of Hope For The Ocean” • It is easy to lose sight of good news amid the barrage of negative stories about the threats facing the ocean. We see everything from growing plastic pollution to dying coral reefs. Increasingly, however, there is a lot to celebrate when you [...]

EarthX 2019

The EarthX Expo hosted from April the 25th-28th in Dallas, Texas this year of 2019, has been organized as "The World's Leading Connector And Forum For Sustainability" with the mission of convening, collaborating and forming alliances between purpose driven advocates, green vision investors, thought leaders, researches and other citizens of humanity [...]

Waste to Energy in Southeast Asia: Lessons from China

Facing increases in population, electricity demand and waste output, Southeast Asia can look to China’s waste to energy experiences when developing their own technologies and infrastructure. The region, which includes such nations as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, is experiencing a swift urbanization whose aggregate population will likely [...]

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