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Weatherizing The Upper Valley

Round Two Launches in January Most basements have no air sealing or insulation around the band joists. Installing foam insulation and air sealing around the edges is one option for reducing the heat loss and the infiltration of cold air into the home. Courtesy: Efficiency Vermont. By Paige Heverly, Vital …

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Advanced Wood Heating: REV’s 5-Year Plan

Road through a managed forest. Public domain By Barb and Greg Whitchurch On November 2nd, Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) held a press release event to announce their 5-Year Action Plan ( The event was hosted by Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea Co. (VAC&T) at their brand-new, wood-heated headquarters in Waterbury, …

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What the End of Oil Looks Like

Tesla charging station with a rooftop solar collector. This station is located in Tejon Ranch, California. Photo:Wikimedia Commons. By Randy Bryant I was driving around town a month ago (windows still open) with a noisy truck on one side and a motorcycle on the other. So my mind wandered again …

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ACEEE Report: New data, same results

Saving Energy is Cheaper Than Making It *Notes: Energy efficiency data represent the results of this analysis for utility program costs (range of four-year averages for 2009-2012); supply costs are from Lazard 2013. By Annie Gilleo, Senior Manager, State Policy, ACEEE Keeping the lights on for customers is every electric utility’s …

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  • February 20 Green Energy News

    Headline News: Scientists at the University of Sheffield in the UK released a study that suggests using granulated basaltic rocks from volcanic eruptions could provide several positive benefits for agriculture and the climate. The benefits include improving soil fertility, cutting amounts of pesticides needed, and increasing carbon sequestration. [CleanTechnica] Spreading …

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  • February 19 Green Energy News

  • February 18 Green Energy News

  • Innovative, Effective Responses to Climate Change

    The recent news about climate change, hurricanes, firestorms etc is sobering and relates to a significant, often overlooked, cause of climate change namely, the massive amounts of food that we throw away. This ends up in landfills and, in rotting, emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.  We seem to be …

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