Carbon Cure is Greening the Concrete Industry by Creating Stronger Concrete

The company Carbon Cure has developed a way to sequester carbon into concrete by storing CO2 inside concrete during the manufacturing process. This technology has the ability to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry. As of 2015, the cement industry generated around 7% of global emissions. This comes from the energy intensive process of manufacturing the modern world’s most used building material which releases massive amounts of Carbon into the atmosphere.

The technology captures carbon that is emitted from production and injects it into the concrete mixture. This process, called CO2 mineralization, changes CO2 in its gaseous state into a mineral form that remains in the concrete forever. The resulting concrete is even stronger than the mass-produced concrete we see today.

1 pound of cement equals 1 pound of CO2 emissions. 2nd highest source of industrial co2 on the planet. Carbon Cure Concrete has no impact on durability, finishing, workability, pumpability, temperature, pH, or appearance. Carbon Cure concrete makes sense economically and environmentally, creating a win-win scenario.