Celebrate Women’s Contributions to Green Building December 4th 2019

This Wednesday, December 4th, marks the annual \Women In Green Building Leadership Luncheon. The theme for this year is “Culture of Courage,” in honor of women’s contributions to their communities, as well as to the green building movement. In particular, it will celebrate the courage of women who paved the way for more equitable working environments in the green building industry, and those who continue to do so. The event will be hosted by the Illinois Green Alliance.

During the event, which runs from 11 A.M. to 1:30 P.M., the panel of leading women will share their stories, provide insights, and advocate a culture which both celebrates courage and encourages women to make their voices heard in the industry. The event will begin at 11 A.M. with a half hour of registration and networking, before a 30 minute break for lunch and table discussion questions. The panelists will then speak for another hour, before closing with 30 minutes of audience participation and a table discussion wrap-up.

Some notable panelists include Ellen Bell, Senior Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund, Kathia Benitez, who is the Regional Director for Franklin Energy, and Juanita Garcia, the High Performance Manager at the Pepper Construction Group.

More information, as well as registration, can be found here.

This event is sponsored by the Turner Construction Company, INTUS Windows, DMA Chicago, and WSP Global.

Written by Dilawar Naqvi