Global Sandwich Chain Pret a Manger Now Offers Customers Paper Straws

Pret a Manger, the international sandwich and coffee chain with locations in the United States, announced via email recently that all of its shops will now carry paper straws as part of their Global Plastics Pledge.

The chain announced their Global Plastics Pledge on their Facebook page last year, indicating that by 2025 their goal is to eliminate all single-use plastic, make their plastic 100 percent recyclable, reusable, or compostable, and to allow for easy recycling in their shops.

Pret a Manger have already exchanged their plastic salad bowls for cardboard boxes, which they estimate will save over 200,000 pounds of plastic within a year.

They have also ensured that their iced drink cups consist of 40 percent recycled materials, and can be recycled indefinitely.

Written by Nicole Foulke