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First All-Electric Commercial Airplane Just Took its First Flight

December 11th, 2019|Climate Change, Efficiency, Energy, Energy News, Environment, Global Warming, Green New Deal, Innovations, Media of the Week, science, Smart Energy, Sustainability, Technology|

Harbour Air The first fully electric flight took off near Vancouver, Canada on December 10th. The flight was piloted by Harbour Air, a company operating in the islands near Vancouver and builder of the new aircraft. The plane is a converted 62 year old DeHavilland Beaver, a small plane that is [...]

Carbon Cure is Greening the Concrete Industry by Creating Stronger Concrete

December 10th, 2019|Best Practices, building, Building Energy, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change, Efficiency, Energy, Environment, Featured Green Innovations, Global Warming, Innovations, science, Sustainability, Technology|

Photo: Carbon Cure The company Carbon Cure has developed a way to sequester carbon into concrete by storing CO2 inside concrete during the manufacturing process. This technology has the ability to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry. As of 2015, the cement industry generated around 7% of global [...]

BEST PACTICES: Engine and Power Company Cummins, Inc. Announces New Environmental Sustainability Strategy

December 9th, 2019|Best Practices, Blog, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change, Conservation, Efficiency, Energy, Environment, feature, featured, global, Recycling, Sustainability, Technology, United States, Water, World|

Fortune 500 company Cummins, Inc., a worldwide provider of engines, power generation products, and filtration systems, recently disclosed its new environmental sustainability strategy that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, benefit communities, and promote sustainable use of natural resources. Titled “‘PLANET 2050,’” the strategy calls for specific goals for 2030 and 2050, and it [...]

Celebrate Women’s Contributions to Green Building this Wednesday, December 4th

December 5th, 2019|Climate Change, Energy, Energy News, Environment, feature, featured|

This Wednesday, December 4th, marks the annual \Women In Green Building Leadership Luncheon. The theme for this year is "Culture of Courage," in honor of women's contributions to their communities, as well as to the green building movement. In particular, it will celebrate the courage of women who paved the way for more [...]

New Climate Report Warns of a Costly Future Unless Emissions are Reduced

December 4th, 2019|Climate Change, Energy, Energy News, Environment, feature, featured|

A new climate change report was released by the United States Government outlining what impacts our country will most likely face due to climate change. The assessment is Volume II of a mandated report from the Paris Climate Accords, titled Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States. 13 federal agencies contributed to [...]

Qube is Creating Bricks From Plastic Waste

December 3rd, 2019|Climate Change, Energy, Energy News, Environment, feature, featured|

Photo: Qube A new startup, Qube, is setting out to change the way we build our cities on a foundational level. Abhishek Banerjee developed a way to make bricks out of plastic waste. The India based company began when Banerjee toured a traditional brick kiln and was shocked at the level [...]

Largest Convention for Solar, Smart Energy, Storage, and Fuel Cells

From September 23-26, over 19,000 energy industries professional will converge in In Salt Lake City, UT to attend North America Smart Energy Week. As the largest convention of its kind in North America, Smart Energy Week brings more than 700 leading manufacturers, service providers, and vendors to its expansive [...]

The Agri-Food Event Kicks Off Today

The Vertical Farming Conference kicks off today in Venlo, The Netherlands as part of the Agri-Food Innovation Event. Today’s speaker is Andre Fabris, as part of the smart farming conference, a section of the Vertical Farming Conference. Fabris will likely speak about Project Animus, a slightly elusive machine learning [...]

There is No National Policy in the U.S. Requiring Recycling

Americans are notoriously bad at recycling. We don’t like thinking about trash. As soon as our trash is tossed in the bin, it is forgotten about forever, for someone else to deal with. The average person doesn’t know how recycling works in the U.S. The people who generally know [...]

Malaysia is Sending Recycling Back to Canada

Malaysia is another country in Asia to reject plastic waste from the west. As a result of China’s decision to stop accepting plastic waste from the United States and others, 7 Million tons per year have been interrupted. In the midst of confusion and market failure, waste was illegally [...]

Vertical Farming Conference June 26th, 2019

Vertical Farming Conference takes place on June 26th, 2019 as part of the two-day Agri-Food Innovation event in Venlo, The Netherlands. Some of the focus topics include Improved resource-use efficiency, food safety, AI, robotics, and sustainable buildings. Leo Marcelis, a thought leader for the vertical farming movement, has been [...]

Investments in Vertical Farms growing

The Vertical Farming trend is growing in America, promising a more sustainable approach than conventional farming practices. Paul Gauthier, a leading thought leader in the field, is out to show the potential for vertical farming and the hurdles the industry faces. Companies are investing in Vertical Farm start-ups in [...]

Qube is Creating Bricks From Plastic Waste

Photo: Qube A new startup, Qube, is setting out to change the way we build our cities on a foundational level. Abhishek Banerjee developed a way to make bricks out of plastic waste. The India based company began when Banerjee toured a traditional brick kiln and was [...]

IceStone Shakes Up the Durable Surfacing Industry

Brooklyn-based manufacturer IceStone LLC has long been a major player in manufacturing sustainable and highly durable surfacing, and this past month they managed to push the envelope even further. They refined their eponymous product, which is typically fashioned into countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities, making it more durable than ever [...]

Squid Camouflage is Inspiring Medical Science and Future Synthetic Materials

Photo: NOAA Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have been studying Squid Camouflage. A new study has demonstrated the ability to understand the mechanism by which squid, and other camouflage sea species, control reflective pigments to change their appearance and visibility. Reflectin, the protein which controls reflective pigments, [...]

Best Practices: Skanska USA and Partners Unveil Open-Source Tool to Measure and Reduce Building Materials Carbon Footprint at Greenbuild 2019

The Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool, a pioneering, open-source program for measuring and evaluating carbon emissions found in a plethora of building materials for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) industry, will be publicly-released at the 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Atlanta, GA from [...]

Hope & Sesame® Launches World’s First Plant-Based Line of Organic Sesamemilks

Hope & Sesame®, the world’s only manufacturer of creamy, plant-based organic sesamemilks, debuted its new line of protein-packed, nondairy products. The new innovations include five delicious organic sesamemilk flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Original, Unsweetened Original and Chocolate Hazelnut. Hope & Sesame organic sesamemilks are a good source of protein per [...]

The Uninhabitable Earth is a Must Read for the Environmentally-Minded

The Uninhabitable Earth- Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells, offers a look into the future of the planet after various stages of climate change go into effect. Wells, an American journalist, examines the overall effect climate could have on humans and our livelihood in the future, as well as [...]

Kanye West Announces New Eco Shoe Made with Algae

At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Kanye West unveiled a new Yeezy shoe prototype made with algae. According to Design Boom, the shoe is made with a combination of petroleum-based ethylene-vinyl acetate and foam produced using algae. This clog is the first release in the company move towards sustainability. [...]

Best Practices: UN and Partners Strive to ‘Green’ the Cocoa Industry

            ‘Greening the Cocoa Industry,’ a UN Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative to transform the global cocoa industry with more green and sustainable practices, affects 10 percent of the world’s cocoa production and is supported by more than 54 retailers and market brands, with small [...]

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